• Name: vince kraemer
  • Email:
  • Phone: 4082764067 x34067
  • Team: GlassFish Tooling
  • Location: SantaClara
  • Comment: I likes to hack twiki, too.


  • Presentations: Cdpj2ee.NetBeans50BetaTraining

%TABLE{tableborder="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="2" valign="top" columnwidths="60%" headerbg="#0c2577" headercolor="#FFFF99" databg="#DDDDDD,#F8F8F8"}%

Name Manager Engineer Submitter Status Keywords

%SEARCH{" Ssubmitter.*?value=\" Vvincent Kkraemer\"" topic="Nbplan.NbFeature*" scope="text" regex="on" nosearch="on" casesensitive="on" format="| [[[$topic | [$topic]]] (<a href=\"/wiki/edit/Nbplan/$topic\">edit</a>) $pattern(---\+ ! *( ^\n\r+).*) | $formfield(Manager) | $formfield(Engineer) | $formfield(Submitter) | $formfield(Status) | $formfield(Keywords) |"}%

Personal Preferences (details in %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiVariables)

  * Horizontal size of text edit box:
     * Set EDITBOXWIDTH = 70
  * Vertical size of text edit box:
     * Set EDITBOXHEIGHT = 40
  * Style of text edit box. =width: 99%= for full window width (default), =width: auto= to disable.
     * Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
  * Optionally write protect your home page: (set it to your %TWIKIWEB%.WikiName)

Related topics

  * %TWIKIWEB%.%WIKIPREFSTOPIC% has site-level preferences of %WIKITOOLNAME%.
  * %WEBPREFSTOPIC% has preferences of the %WIKITOOLNAME%.%WEB% web.
  * %MAINWEB%.%WIKIUSERSTOPIC% has a list of other TWiki users.
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