NetBeans 6 - "View" toolbar with select in projects and select in files

by alessandro negrin

A toolbar I was missing from NetBeans 5.5 was the "View" one. It's a toolbar I used to create by myself including two actions:

  • select in projects
  • select in files

I couldn't create it with "Customize..." because the two items I want weren't present and draggable. The only one present was "Window > Select document > Select in Favorites".

So I made my toolbar this way:

  1. Shut down NetBeans
  2. Go to ${netbeans_default_userdir}/config/Toolbars (create it if missing)
  3. Extract here the content of - View folder too! (see attachment)
  4. Start NetBeans

Here you have a new "View" toolbar with desired actions

If it does not work, you can create your own "View" toolbar with "Customize..." and then start from 1. or choose "Reset toolbars" and then start from 1.

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