The Installer specifications

Installation workflow

Installation process is a sequence of steps. After each step the installer should finish installation or go to the next step.

Step 1. System analysis.

Installer verify that:

  1. User is root
  2. OS is compatible for current Sun Studio distribution (Solaris > 9 or RPM-based Linux)
  3. JRE version 1.5 or higher is available
  4. There is access to installed bits (if they should be downloaded)

If these requirements are not satisfied the installer report about corresponding error and finishes.

Also during this step installer tries to identify already installed Sun Studio packages.

  1. Identify possible conflicting packages (the same version already installed, not by this installer)

Step 2. Sun Studio configuration.

During this step user selects installed components and configure them.

The components combination should always consistent. (All components should be able to work after installation)

  1. User should select directory to install Sun Studio if it is a new installation.
  2. User should select the NetBeans to be used by Sun Studio or directory to install it there. (If IDE is installed)
  3. Other options which does not affect installation process

During this step the next information should be verified.

  1. There is enough space to install Sun Studio component (SS package, NB modules, other ...)
  2. There are rights to write into corresponding locations.

Step 3. Installation.

During this step installation bits are downloaded and installed. This step doen't suppose any check, user choices etc. The installation could be canceled during this step by the next reason:

  1. User canceled installation
  2. Bits becomes unaccessible
  3. Disk becomes full or NFS errors
  4. Other changing in environment

Step 4. Registration.

User is prompted to register this copy of Sun Studio. If copy was not register the installed instance of Sun Studio should be marked as "Not Registered" for deferred registration.

After Step 5 installation finished successfully.

The IDE installation

When IDE is installed user is able to select NetBeans as a base for IDE or install new version. If user selects existing NetBeans then some extra files are added into this NetBeans directory.

The already installed NB should work as well as before installation. (There are no warning should appeared.) In both cases uniinstallation of Sun Studio removes all installed files and leave other NB files.

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