The build contract

The installer should be easily reconfigured when Sun Studio bits are changed. Also some requirements for Sun Studio installation are related with bits produced by build team. Here the dependencies from build are described.

The build description

The Sun Studio build should contains a XML-based description of installed component for installer.

This file contains the list of installed packages, NB modules, patches, individual files or directories. This data is used by installer to create the list of products to be selected by users and be installed, create the list of prerequisites for SS installation.

Here is the model of this description:

  • Sun Studio product (contains name and version)
  • -> The installable data
  • --> Group 1 (name)
  • ---> Product1 (name, uid, dependencies)
  • ----> Bits description for Product1
  • ---> Product2 (name, uid, dependencies)


There is an a current draft XML & XSD with description.

The XSD is located in SS installer workspace.

Requirements to components

To successfully install Sun Studio the packages in description should be installable. One of requirement to have ability to install different versions of Sun Studio to one machine. Such behavior should not require any additional option. To obtain this goal all components should be able to coexist on one system.

The Sun Studio installation consists of components of several types. Below are requirements for all of them.

The packages

The packages should be compatible with other versions. For this we should have different versions of packages and different set of installed files. The installed files are same and conflicts each with other for Solaris for different versions of Sun Studio. (The C compiler is always /opt/SUNWspro/bin cc by default).

The proposal is to have different installation directory for different versions of Sun Studio. This installation directory could be defined by installer during installation. However in this case Sun Studio will be installed in the SUNWspro (for Solaris) subdirectory which is a part of package and could not be changed. To avoid this the installation directory should be different to different versions of Sun Studio and SUNWspro should be removed from prefix.

More technically: For Solaris the package BASEDIR attribute should be different and dir SUNWspro should be removed from files in the packages.

For Linux the all files should have /opt/sun/sunstudioceres as relocation path to be able to move them. Now the runtime library have /opt/sun as relocation path. So if we can not install them in arbitrary arbitrary directory as well as other files in the Sun Studio. For linux libraries could have just different versions and different library versions (i.e. for std C lib & are compatible).

Seems that there are no problems with patching the different versions of Sun Studio if they are installed in different directories. (I installed th SS12 in default /opt and after this installed SS11 into /opt/ss11. The patches were added to SS11 without any problems just by patchadd.)


Sun Studio should be able to install on the systems where NetBeans is always installed and use installed instance on NetBeans (if it is compatible). The Sun Studio specific modules should be installed in Sun Studio directory, not in NetBeans directory.

Files and directories.

The files and directories if any exists should have relative path.

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