Vesta (NBI-based installer for Sun Studio)

Vesta is a new generation installer for Sun Studio. This project closely related with NBI (NetBeans Installer). The prototype of Vesta installer is developed and the X release is being developed.


Installed items

  • NB modules
  • Solaris & Linux native packages
  • files & directories

Supported platforms

  • Solaris 9,10 with JRE (is JDK needed by NBI ?) 1.5 or later
  • Linux with RPM or DEB based packager (like Ubuntu, Suse) with JRE (is JDK needed by NBI ?) 1.5 or later


  • Installation in interactive and batch mode
  • Registration (local and in Sun repository)

Solaris special features (not included in X release)

  • zones should be supported
  • the OS patching
  • the SS patching

Design & UI specifications

Here is the contract between the Sun Studio build and installer.

The installation workflow and UI are here.

Use cases of Vesta are here.

Schedule (preliminary)

Milestone 0 «Readiness» (26.05) - done

  • Investigate Sun Studio prerequisites and system requirements - done
  • Prepare building and testing infrastructure - done
  • Investigate Sun Studio packages sources and prerequisites sources - done
  • Create project documentation (schedule, specification, use cases, system requirements ...) - done

Milestone 1 (30.06) - done

  • Active user counting - done
  • Installing NetBeans 6.1, C/C++ Pack 2.0 and other NetBeans clusters - done
  • Installing Sun Studio Solaris packages - done

Milestone 2 (15.08)

  • System verification algorithm - done
  • Solaris packages-only installation bundle - done
  • Installing Sun Studio Linux packages (RPM) - done
  • Linux packages-only installation bundle (RPM) - done
  • Service Tags support in installer - done
  • User registration support in installer - done
  • Integration installer builds with Sun Studio biweekly builds - postponed

Milestone 3 (15.09) - done

  • Uninstallation and modification support - done
  • Silent mode - done
  • Provide installer with downloadable components - done
  • Support of integration with NetBeans (IDE, installer)
  • Connected customer support in Sun Studio IDE - done
  • Active users counting utility (check_update) redesign - done

Milestone 4 (10.10)

  • Prerequisites and patches installation (both for Sun Studio and OS)
  • Solaris zones support (should be revised, default behavior is goos enough)
  • Dealing with existing Sun Studio installations - done
  • Client-Server (NFS) installation support
  • Multiplatform installer with downloadable components

Milestone 5 (30.11)

  • Complete testing
  • User documentation creation

The Sources and Binaries

There is an a page where it is described how to build Vesta project or download binaries. Also additional information about packaging for Solaris and Linux is contained there.

QA docs

testing plan for bundled installer is presented here

The feedback and mail aliases

Your feedback is very welcome!

If you encounter a problem when using the NetBeans installer or want to request an enhancement, file an issue in the NetBeans bug tracking system, IssueZilla.. There is a list of all opened issues is available in IssueZilla

You can subscribe to issues changes mail alias at and to code changes mail alias at Send a blank mail to these addresses to subscribe, and use or to unsubscribe.

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