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Vaadin plugin Jetty support description

You can enable/disable Jetty support globally. Open Options dialog: Tools->Options. Choose Java and Vaadin tab. Check/uncheck "Show Jetty Popup Menu Action".


As a result there will be no "Embedded Jetty" action in project popup menu.

File:Vaadin-jetty-menu.png File:Vaadin-no-jetty-menu.png

The same option disable Jetty subcategory of Vaadin category in project's settings.


Here is available options description:

  • Generated classes directory - this is the location of your compiled classes for the webapp. You should rarely need to set this parameter. Instead, you should set <build><outputDirectory> in your pom.xml. Don't edit this value unless you have very specific project configuration and you completely understand what you are doing.
  • Context Path - the context path for your webapp. By default, this is set to the <artifactId> from the project's pom.xml. You can override it and set it to anything you like here. This setting is used in application URL "http://localhost:8080/{context_path}".
  • Reload Mode - control webapp redeployment. Usually you want to see the code changing result right away under development process. This option allows to do either automatic application reload or request it manually at some point. When set to manual, no automatic scanning and redeployment of the webapp is done. Rather, the user can control when the webapp is reloaded by tapping the carriage return key. Set to automatic the scanning and automatic redeployment is performed at intervals controlled by the scanIntervalSeconds parameter.
  • Additional Scan Targets - a list of files and directories to also periodically scan in addition to those automatically scanned by the plugin.
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