VaadinPlugin AdvancedProjectProperties

Advanced GWT compiler options

  • Output files location - Location on the filesystem where GWT will write output files. Don't change this value unless you have specific custom project configuration and you know exactly what you do.
  • Persistent unit cache folder - Specifies the directory where the persistent unit cache will be created if enabled.
  • Optimization Level - Optimization level. The value must be ​​between 0 (not given optimization) and 9 (maximum). Value "-1" means default GWT compiler level.
  • Use persistent unit cache - Whether to use the persistent unit cache or not. This options allows to optimize GWT compilation and Dev mode via the cache.
  • Validate Only, don't compile - Validate all source code, but do not compile.
  • Generate Compilation Report - Enabled/disables compilation report generation.
  • Logs output in a graphical tree view - Logs output in a graphical tree view.
  • Strict Mode - Stops compilation once any error is detected in the files.
  • Force - Don't try to detect if GWT compilation is up-to-date and can be skipped.
  • Skip compilation - Skip GWT compilation. Option can be used to facilitate assembly of the project if there is no client-side code but maven still do the compilation for some reason (f.e. there is a GWT module file and project has not yet been compiled).

Dev Mode options

  • Bind Address - IP address of the server that is used to open a network connection on.
  • Debug port - Port where the development mode expects the network connection from the Java Debugger client (JPDA) when debugging client code.
  • Attach Debugger Timeout - Timeout for Java Debugger client to connect to Dev Mode debug mode server. Countdown starts with the debug action (Vaadin-> Run Dev Mode (debug)). Notification dialog will be shown with the option of either cancel or continue waiting for debug server after the timeout. It's necessary because debug server runs as an external JVM process and Java client debugger is running inside the IDE JVM. There has to be a way to stop debugging if external process has not been started or wrong debug port is specified. You can set this value per project but its default value is taken from the global Vaadin settings.
  • Run Target URL - URL that is used by default in the Dev Mode dialog to run the application in the browser.
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