Vaadin Plugin 1.0.0 Functionality


The Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans plugin is available for NetBeans 7.3 and NetBeans 7.4. You can get it from Plugin Portal

New Vaadin project wizard

Wizard for 3 Vaadin project types: simple web application, add-on project and touchkit project.


Vaadin category in New file wizard

There are wizards for new Vaadin widget and GWT module file.



Project properties (Vaadin customizer)


Vaadin popup menu action

Vadin project node contains 6 actions mapped to the maven goals. Action "Run Jetty and Dev Mode" combines "Run Jetty" and "Run Dev mode". So it calls two maven goals at once. But it also has additional effect: standalone "Run Jetty" causes application packaging which means that GWT compiler will be invoked if you have changes in the clientside source files. It doesn't happen for combined "jetty+dev mode" action.



Refactoring support for GWT module xml file: references to the file is updated on file path change. There are 6 cases:

  • Rename Java package containing GWT module file.
  • Safe delete Java package containing GWT module file.
  • Rename GWT XML file.
  • Safe delete GWT XML file.
  • Copy GWT XML file.
  • Move GWT XML file.


Editor errors/warnings/hints detection and fixes

There are a number of errors/warnings/hints Vaadin related detection that are attached to the Java elements in the editor and assist in code writing.

  • Check for @Theme annotation presence (for UI class). If it's absent then editor suggests to use theme (and create new on FS if it doesn't exist yet).


  • Check for presence/correctness GWT Xml file in Java annotations for servlet class.

File:Set-gwt.png File:Create-gwt.png

  • Class where VaadinServletConfiguration annotation is used should be derived from VaadinServlet.


  • Shared state checks (Serializable fields, JavaBeans conformance).

File:State-accessors.png File:State-serializable.png

  • Check for RPC methods: void as return type, overloaded methods, JavaBeans conformance for parameters.

File:Rpc-return-type.png File:Rpc-duplicate-name.png File:Rpc-serializable.png File:Rpc-no-accessors.png

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