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Visual Web - Project - Loader - Adapt to new API to access Java Editor Support in Visual Editor

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Issue (FEATURE) 92882 - Remove dependency on JavaDataObject


Date Description
22 Jan 2007 Initial Document


This task involves use of the new API/mechanism for accessing the JavaEditorSupport instead of subclassing JavaDataObject. This affects JsfJavaDataLoader and JsfJavaDataObject implementation of Visual Web.




  1. Support the editing of Java sources by levereging Java editing supported by the base NetBeans IDE.

Functional Specs

In VWP 5.5., the Java editing support was accessed using the JavaDataLoader, JavaDataObject and JavaNode APIs. These APIs are no longer public. Remove the dependency of JsfJspDataLoader on JavaDataLoader. Remove the dependency of JsfJspDataObject on JspJavaDataObjet on JavaDataObject and JavaNode. Functionaly the Java editing will work same as the base java editing support.

Issue: What will be the effect of replacement of JavaNode on the project logical view?

Design Specs


This is scheduled to be implemented by milestone 7.

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