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Issue (FEATURE) 90451 - Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche


Date Description
19 Jan 2007 Initial Document


This task involves use of the Retouche APIs for modeling Java.


Java modeling based on MDR will no longer supported in NetBeans 6.0. Retouche is the replacement for JMI for Java. Therefore it is necessary to migrate JMI for Java code to use Retouche APIs.


Migrate all code which uses JMI for Java to use Retouche APIs


Retouche APIs should support all the semantics supported by JMI for Java

Functional Specs

Under the rubrik of this issue - functionaly there will be no change to the functionality of Insync. It will simply use the Retouche APIs to do the Java source modeling instead of JMI/MDR based Java source modeling.

Design Specs

No change


For the first milestone (M7), following user action will be supported

  • User should be able to open a project and see the designer. Insync will model the backing bean code.
  • User should be able to do simple drag and drop of a component. Insync will generate the required code (field, getter and setter) in the page backing bean. Note that in milestone 7 the generated code may not be well formatted because of Retouche API limitations.

The above tasks assume that designer will be ready to work with NetBeans 6.0 binaries

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