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Issue Priority Document Project
Issue (FEATURE) 90451 - Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche P0 Adaption of Retouche APIs for Java Source Modeling Netbeans visualweb/other
Issue (FEATURE) 90532 - Migrate Visual Web refactoring to new Refactoring APIs P0 Adaption of new Refactoring APIs Netbeans visualweb/other - Refactoring
Issue (FEATURE) 90533 - Migrate Visual Web Java Refactoring to Retouche P0 Adaption of Retouche APIs for Java Refactoring Netbeans visualweb/other - Java Refactoring

Even though the following is not directly part of Insync, it is esssential for the working of Insync. Quy has agreed to work on the issue.

Issue Priority Document Project
Issue (FEATURE) 92882 - Remove dependency (of JsfJavaDataObject) on JavaDataObject P0 Adapt to new API to access Java Editor Support in Visual Editor Netbeans visualweb/project


Date Description
19 Jan 2007 Initial Document
22 Jan 2007 Added link to JsfJavaDataObject/JavaDataObject related changes document


  • Conversion of Java source modeling to Retouche
  • Conversion to new refactoring APIs
  • Support Open Source effort


  • Managed Beans file as the master map between JSP and Java
  • Source Modeling of Java Files
  • Lifecycle Managed Beans (already done)
  • Non-lifecycle Managed Beans (Source form, Binary form)
  • Managed Beans defined in multiple faces-config files
  • Handle effect of this on refactoring


  • Source Modeling of POJOs (Source form, Binary form)
  • Code cleanup
  • Code Reformatting


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