UI Spec for VW project

Create a new VW project

There are 3 ways to create a VW project:

  • First, create the standard web project and right after making selections on the project's wizard Name & Location panel, need to proceed to the next Frame Works panel and selecting "Visual Web Java Server Faces" checkbox.


  • You can also add a Visual Web JSF Page and/or Visual Web Page JSF Fragment to an existing standard web project by right-clicking on the Web Application node -> New -> Visual Web JSF Page:


  • You can also enable the Visual Web JavaServer Faces after a standard web project is created by bringing up the Project Properties window -> Frameworks -> Visual Web JavaServer Faces


After a VW project is created

The project window with Visual Web framework will have 3 additional nodes: Themes, Component Libraries and Data Source References. Image:Picture_23_VWProjectUISpec.png

The Component Libraries node has this context menu to allow the user to add external custom component libraries into the project: Image:Picture_27_VWProjectUISpec.png

The Data Source References node has this context menu to allow the user resolve any database connection within the visual web project: Image:Picture_26_VWProjectUISpec.png

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