How do I configure my web browser options in Windows 2000 or Windows XP?

  1. Choose Tools > Options from the main menu and click General in the left pane of the Options window.
  2. Select a browser from the Web Browser drop-down list.
    You can choose from the following web browsers:
  • <System Default>. The browser that is registered as your operating system's default browser.
  • Swing Browser. A simple HTML browser based on a Swing component. The internal Swing HTML browser provides a high level of integration with the IDE.
  • Any other browsers installed on your computer.

If you select a web browser and the web browser fails to open, confirm that the correct path to the browser executable is set in the Options window. To specify the location of the browser executable:

  1. Choose Tools > Options from the main menu and click Advanced Options in the Options window.
  2. Expand IDE Configuration > Server and External Tools Settings > Web Browsers and select the browser type you are using.
  3. Open the property editor for the Browser Executable property and set the full path to the executable in the Process field. You can click the ellipsis button (...) to browse to the executable.
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