For creating GUIs, Netbeans Matisse is one of the best solutions in the Java Swing world. However, many Java developers use the Eclipse platform these days. For Eclipse, Matisse is not available, except you use the commercial MyEclipse version.

The solution is to use Netbeans Matisse to build the GUI and to use Eclipse to code all the other stuff. But how do both IDEs integrate? What if there is a project already running on Eclipse?

Integrating both worlds is quite easy with the support of Maven, it just requires few little steps:

  1. Make sure the project has a valid POM. If you use Eclipse, one of the Maven plugins is recommended. I have made some good experience with M2Eclipse, the default Maven plugin.
  2. Download Netbeans (6.0 or higher preferably).
  3. Install the Maven plugin; this is very simple on Netbeans, as the available plugins are listed in a convenient dialog.
  4. Import the project; project directories with a Maven POM are shown in orange (isn't that easy?).
  5. Start developing the GUI.
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