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Confcall numbers

Sun internal dial in: x44444
US toll free: 800 867 8609
Czech toll free: 800 142 692

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Agenda - 23 July 2007

UI Reviews

  • none

New UI Issues

  • How do I edit the license/fileheaders? - done. Tracked in IZ.
  • Undeploy and deploy - will see for after 6.0; Run is probably okay for Web apps; Maybe a check box for "incremental deployment" in project properties? Web apps team should come up with proposal for correct behavior for all project types that use deploying.
  • Default/Restore/ResetSettings.... which one? - HIEs need to come up with proposal (Jano)
  • Auto-completion in combo boxes - JEE team has requested it for quite some time for classes; For paths it would be nice! We need to provide the combo box as the first step. Then we need to provide contents for classes, paths, etc. Is there an issue filed? If not, we should do it (JEE has lost it's Browse button). Petr will try to find issues.
  • Mnemonic madness in options panel - done.


  • Editor options - looks like we won't do it for 6.0. As a consequence, we will have a top level Ruby category.
  • Editor contextual menu - Jano will file issue. Pavel will look at it.
  • Show the breakpoints window by default - (Roman) either show by default; or add a contextual action to breakpoint into the gutter; maybe the action should be on breakpoint even if we don't open it by default; Roman would ask about implementation details; Showing the window by default looks like a good solution for 6.0 (just need to check that on 1024x768 the tab names are visible by default).
  • Open project dialog - (Ondrej) show project type icons instead of general project icon; or just update the color of the project icon so that it better differentiate from the XP folder icon


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