NetBeans Update Center Publishing Requests

This page contains list of all requests for publishing NetBeans IDE modules on the NetBeans Update Centers. If you want to get your own module published on the NetBeans Update Center, don't hesitate to submit your request on-line!. If you spot some inaccuracy or have a question, contact us!. Since November 2010, all UC publishing requests are automatically filed into Bugzilla so if you want to get up-to-date state of the registered requests, query Bugzilla [1] for updatecenters product TASK issues with Request to publish string in description.

[1] https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?product=updatecenters&cf_bug_type=TASK&short_desc_type=substring&short_desc=Request+to+publish&field0-0-0=creation_ts&type0-0-0=greaterthan&value0-0-0=2010-11-01

Update Center Requests from 2010
Update Center Requests from 2009
Update Center Requests from 2008
Update Center Requests from 2007

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