Wanted Items.

JUnit support has not been in active development for a while and here is the list of items, that are highly desirable to implement:

Underlying libraries


Streamline & align among project types:

  • From tested class
  • From test class
  • From test method
  • From test results


  • Done : Issue 178991 - Provide a way to run all failed tests.
  • Issue 143763 - (JUnit Results Window) Running multiple selected tests
  • Issue 124313 - Allow running JUnit test on a arbitrary selected group of folders and files
  • Done : Issue 72080 - Would be nice to have a way to run one testXXX method
  • Done : Issue 166252 - Run single unit test
  • Done : Issue 143737 - (JUnit Results Window) Allow re-running of all tests using right-click menu
  • Done : Issue 159103 - Missing rerun test and rerun failures in junit window

Output Window

  • Done : Tabbed output /per Project or per Run/. E.g Issue 186895
  • Blocked : Display 'Ignored' tests /Junit 4/ Issue 186276
  • Done : Filter representation by result /Pass/Fail/Err/Ignored/
  • Done : Re-Run: All, Failed.
  • Dropped : In-place re-run ? /with keeping old result/

Test Runner

(Used also in Ruby, PHP, ...)

  • [68cat] Summary display for "Test project" is wrong Issue 167429
  • Junit timeouts & Debug
  • Representation/Support of Parameterized tests, including Navigation/Re-Run/Debug

Issue 186274


Code Generation

  • Backward code generation (From Test to Tested Class):
 -  Issue 175244 -  Allow users to work truer to TDD
 (See also Issue 43423, Issue 141503)
  • Custom code generators.
 - An example is that J2EE module could register custom generator that could use J2EE APIs to create better code. 
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