NetBeans PHP Community Council

This page describes the goals and the current organisation of the NetBeans PHP Community Council.



NetBeans PHP Community Council is a community of PHP Developers, that has following goals

  • create new NetBeans plugins
  • create tools in NetBeans for all the PHP frameworks that are desired by the community, but cannot be done by NetBeans developers, because of lack of time, resources, etc.
  • council members will get to first test all the plugins created, and will come with a feedback of improvement these, these way the final plugins will be of a higher value.
  • working closely with NetBeans team to get align in terms of code quality and best practices

What will actually be developed

For now I don't have a list, but once the first team is created we'll have a list that will allow you to vote on any feature proposal or introduce a new feature proposal, that could be than voted by other people from the Council.


I have some thoughts on the structure of the NetBeans PHP Community Council, but this is a subject to change.

  • Council will consist on several teams
  • Each team will have a team leader
  • Each team will have to choose a unique and representative name in the Council
  • Each team will consist of a least 40 PHP developers and 5-8 PHP developers who also know Java, or vice versa, Java developers who know PHP.
  • The PHP guys will generate the ideas for features they would want to be implemented, they will also test the plugins and features implemented by council, will interact with other team's PHP developers core.
  • The Java guys will create the features and plugins that will be voted by majority of the council as a critical need.
  • Java guys will also have the possibility to interact with NetBeans developers, and work hard on keeping the code quality high.
  • All team leaders will conduct a weekly meeting within their team, with an agenda prepared for point to discuss. During this meeting team members share ideas, problems they face with. These things should be noted by the team leader and than discussed on a higher level.
  • Once per 2 weeks team leaders will also hold a meeting, meant for resolving the issues other team have, by delegating people from one team to another for a period of time, or just sharing experience.
  • I also envision a report of Council activity once per 2 months. This report will be done to show to the community the progress and what have been done so far. This is just an idea for now, so I want this discussed.

First team

For now these all are just words, we need people to work with these ideas, that is why I propose you to join the first team in NetBeans PHP Community Council. What does it give ?

  • You auto-magically become the core part of the council
  • Your ideas and your feedback will be implemented first and tested first
  • Now you can change something in the way you code on a daily basis

The first team will actually test the ideas, and than we can go, adjust and scale more. If you are interested please see the section How can I join


The workflow as I see it should be like this:

  1. a new member (let's call him Joe) enters the council, we discuss in mail format what exactly does he want to do: helping with the development, helping with testing the new content created be the council, other activities (these could include documentation of the newly developed plugins, features, etc.)
  2. Joe is assigned to a team.
  3. he discusses the priorities with his team leader: what would he like to start his work with, what the team needs first. Depending on votes and/or team leader decision some tasks are assigned to Joe.
  4. once per week a team meeting is done to see the progress of the team. During this meeting team members share ideas, problems they face with, also in this meeting Joe share his progress, problems, impressions.
  5. once the work is completed, Joe's work is tested by other Council Members, and they will have their output/suggestions on the work item: it might be some code improvements, functionality improvement.
  6. once the suggestions are discussed and Joe implement them, he's assigned a new task, the cycle repeats.

How can I join

To join the NetBeans PHP Community Council please

  1. Subscribe to mail list here:
  2. send an email to with the subject of the mail starting with [Council New Member].
  3. in your mail please indicate your location, age and experience both in Java and PHP. I need these data to assign you to a team.
  4. A response will be send to you with your next assignment and some people to contact.
  5. Also there is a new home for NetBeans PHP Community Council, it's, you can register and I'm sure you'll find a lot of information. You could also just view the information without registration required.

With every active person that joins the council we make the NetBeans experience for PHP developers better.

What should I do next

First please read the following :

About me and the original idea

Hello, my name is Timur, and I am a developer 4 years already:
I'm mostly a .NET programmer, but I had some experiences in Java, Ruby & Rails and PHP.
You can find my blog here:

I had a client recently that was very insistent on using PHP in the solution instead of .NET, because as he stated there is a bigger choice of developers knowing PHP, than .NET. Ok, I'm not afraid of PHP, but let me just choose the framework I will use myself. I've chosen to develop the project using Symfony2 because of the familiarity with Rails and Hibernate, it seemed to use somehow similar aspects (in case of Doctrine and Migrations these were very similar).

Then I was trying to make a decision on IDE. I knew already a little of Eclipse, so I tryed to work with Aptana and Eclipse, the support for the framework wasn't there. I switched to NetBeans. I found almost everything I needed I thought. I needed some more: code and file templates and autocomplete for Twig. I made a plugin which contains both file and code templates you can find it here Udevi Symfony2 Plugin. But how can I achieve Twig autocomplete, I thought.

I tried to look around Bugzilla and I saw a lot of guys requesting one feature or another, supporting one framework or the other, than I thought that actually there should be other people like me who want to contribute, but they are kind of alone, and all they can do is their own little plugin. What if they could all join together and make some effort, so NetBeans than would be even a nicer IDE to work in.

This is actually all you need, to get an IDE that has all the tools you need.

Give back to Open Source!

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