If you you are new to NB building process, please go first to Working with NetBeans Sources.



If you are coming from Working with NetBeans Sources, or have already been there, then take this notes:

  • ANT_OPTS="-Xmx256m -XX:MaxPermSize=96m" - If you are building full NetBeans, this may not be enough. It may be good to specify more memory otherwise you'll get OutOfMemory in building.
  • Building NetBeans sources inside NetBeans IDE may take a while, so consider another ways.

Ways of building mechanism

  1. Full build;
  2. Build IDE with UML only.

Full build

  1. Just use 'ant' command, it will build full nb, but without uml, you will need to build with 'ant -Dcluster.config=uml' commend on next step, and will get full+uml.

Build IDE with UML only

  1. if you don't need to have php,mobility etc in your version with uml you can create in nbbuild folder of your repository, and put 'cluster.config=uml' line in the file. it may take 20% of time to build full+uml and may be useful for development purposes at least (anyway you can copy uml cluster from build directory to your main nb directory after build and use with your main development environment)
  2. (not special for uml) if you don't want to care about java5 compartibility you can put 'permit.jdk6.builds=true' in this file, otherwise see bottom section on mentioned wiki
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