UML Plugin History

Initial code was written in C++ and later ported as module to NetBeans, it's one of the reasons for hard support, because ported code may contain reflection usage, variable names are not good sometimes etc.

Supported UML version may not be clear 2.0 as initial code was written when UML specification was under development and some part may be based on previous UML version.

Latest changes in UML were in storage and drawing areas, NB UML uses own file format and uses NB Visual Library for diagram drawing as these were late changes some older functionality wasn't migrated (limited number of supported diagrams and no good layout functionality etc.)


The first step is to get sources from mercurial. You can find installation instructions and more here. The UML Hg repository information can be found in the project page.

For those that this is the first time using Mercurial, me being the first on the list, here's a tutorial link:

And link to the help:

Running the Plugin

To run the plugin just right click on the uml-community suite within the IDE and press Run. All the set up is already in the sources. There's nothing to configure.

Project Architecture

UML support consists of the following NB modules (projects) in repository: all uml.*, antlr with uml.kit being the root. Most modules have meaningful names.

As UML uses own (relatively old) and may be a bit customized antlr and uml.dom4jlib modules there are possible conflicts with the same libraries in user filesystem (some issues were reported before, usually resolved by removal of user dom4j/antlr)

uml.requirements* and uml.designpattern may be obsolete (could be removed if impossible to stabilize)


UML Design Center

Related to design center panel and support for design patterns in NB UML (patterns themselves are located in UML Core)

UML Doc Control

Related to Documentation Window panel support (elements documentation with formatting)

UML Drawing area

Main module for diagram drawing area base functionality

UML Project

Represent UML as a NetBeans project

UML Samples

Samples integrated to New Project wizard Samples section

UML Web report

Related to export UML project in Javadoc style HTML format. Was refactored to just “Report” everywhere except module name

UML Widgets

Base widgets for creation of diagram elements, more specific widgets implementations are in UML Diagrams module

UML Diagrams

Support for specific UML diagrams (special elements, actions... )

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