XMI Export

From - John Stanford (

It would be very nice to be able to export diagrams as XMI. The FAQ currently indicates this is not supported.

UML Profile Missing

From - Rahul Mahajan(

Sterotypes project feature is something critically missing, UML profiles project feature should be available which should allow users to define new Sterotypes, their attributes etc. and then these profiles can be attached to UML projects.

Sterotypes should have inheritance, should have constraints e.g. <<Facade>> can only be applied to components, it may have attributes like allowTransaction etc.

This will act as a metadata for code generations.

This is something very critical for MDA based projects.

-- Trey Spiva -- Yes we agree. We do have profile support on our roadmap. In a profile editor is planned for the second half of next year. See our road map for more information.

Rahul -Thanks for reading above comments. Just like to add few more lines -

UML Profiles created project will have versions so attached UML modeling projects should have feature of migrating them.

Developers should be able to write custom code generator modules. UML Model reading API framework should allow developers to write custom code generators. So from Netbeans perspective, in future ideally their should be something like create a UML Transformation module.

These modules can be exported as plugins and UML projects should be able to select a transformation module and generate code. This may trigger a callback in Model reading API which will trigger custom templates written in freemaker etc.

I hope it make sense.

Copying UML projects or their elements across projects

From - Moises Lejter (

I noticed you have the ability to copy projects, or elements within a project to another project, in the roadmap - but listed under "Future". I would like to put in a vote (word?) for it to be given more importance: it seems to me that a very common use of UML is to play "what-if" scenarios, to sketch out potential design alternatives, to then be able to compare them to each other. This is very cumbersome to do now in NetBeans UML, since one may need to recreate the whole project from scratch, in order to have a second copy that can illustrate an alternative design. I teach classes on Java and OO design - and this lack makes using NetBeans UML in class very unattractive...

I wrote a little shell script to allow me to copy a complete NetBeans UML project to a second directory, renaming the internal model tag to make it independent of the first - but it seems that NetBeans does not like to then open two of these projects side-by-side. It would be nice if one could, for example, make a copy of an existing UML sequence diagram, then be able to edit the second copy, without the changes propagating back to the first one - that way, one could show the two designs, side by side...

Model driven architecture support

From - Staffan Ericsson (

Hi! I'm a student studying MDA and I miss a lot of features in Netbeans UML during this course.

  • Possibility to insert boundaries in class diagrams or show package boundarys in class diagrams.
  • Sequence diagrams where each lifeline is directly attached to a component/package
  • Datatype attachments to each message in the sequence diagram (based on the datatypes that can be defined in the model)
  • Package interaction diagram
  • Automatically generated facade/controller/interface classes for packages/components

Sorry for my bad english, but I sadly don't use my english enough. .staffan

PHP UML plugin

Having a PHP version of the plugin has been identified as a nice to have.

C+ UML plugin

Having a C+ version of the plugin has been identified as a nice to have.

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