Purpose of UI Reviews

UI Review is an interactive online process that provides recommendations and guidance for UI design of a new feature or a change of an existing feature. The goal of UI Reviews is to supervise the design of NetBeans IDE and other products based on NetBeans and provide help and suggestions during the reviews.

For overview of current UI Review areas of interest see UIReviewsAreas.

UI Review - Steps

(Note that this procedure relates to UI Reviews only. For description of general architecture related steps see Review_Steps.)

These are the roles that different people play in reviews:

Submitter: the person proposing UI change and asking for review. Submitter's task is to prepare information for review, properly announce it, drive the review procedure, answer questions during review via mail/Bugzilla.

Reviewers: people assigned or chosen by the reviewer to do the review (most likely members of the UI Steering team). Reviewers need to study the issue and provide feedback and final decision in a timely fashion.

Reviewers Chair: lead of reviewers group. Not needed. At least not needed if things go well. In case of a dispute, chair is the one to find and decide on an acceptable resolution.

Step 1 - Prepare Materials

Before a review can be requested the submitter has to prepare documentation that is supposed to be reviewed.

Submitter: Create a Bugzilla issue filed under a component related to the UI as any other bug related to the area (if the submitter can't determine the right component for some reason, the issue should be filed under ide / UI). The submitter has to include links to materials for review:

  • for larger problems the best way is to setup easily editable wiki page containing all related details
  • or attach screenshot(s) with description for smaller problems (minor UI changes, small dialogs, ...)

The issue should also include the following information:

  • A short issue description outlining what the issue is and why it is being done
  • Target milestone
  • Dependencies on other issues and issues that depend on this one

Step 2 - Submit the Issue

Submitter: Start a review by CCing or reassigning the issue to uireviews@netbeans.org and adding UI_REVIEW keyword.

Step 3 - Review

Reviewers: Every reviewer is expected to review the issue. They can ask questions, discuss the issue with submitter or within reviewers group and propose changes if needed.

Submitter: Wait for the review period, if there are questions (proposed changes) resolve them.

Step 4 - The Decision

Reviewers: In some cases reviewers can reject reviewed UI completely and resolve the issue as WONTFIX.

Submitter: After all questions and objections are resolved, the submitter should wait 24 hours before committing the solution to trunk to give reviewers last chance to comment. After that, she can close the issue.


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