UI Loggering In NetBeans Platform

The various UI loggers for UIGesturesCollector are usually described in arch documents, those modules that do not have arch document are listed just here

Description Logger Name Message Format
Action Invoked org.netbeans.ui.actions UI_ACTION_BUTTON_PRESS
Action Invoked org.netbeans.ui.actions UI_ACTION_KEY_PRESS
Memory org.netbeans.ui.performance MEMORY, {0} long with amount of physical memory
Keymap profile org.netbeans.ui.options KEYMAP_PROFILE_SET, {0} = new name, {1} = prev name
Main Window org.netbeans.ui.focus LOG_WINDOW_DEACTIVATED
Main Window org.netbeans.ui.focus LOG_WINDOW_ACTIVATED {0} = # of ms needed for filesystem refresh
Quick Search Action invoked org.netbeans.ui.actions LOG_QUICKSEARCH_ACTION {0} = Action's class, {1} = Action's display name
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