UI Commit Validation Tests

This is a description of UI functional tests which should validate basic vital functionality of the NetBeans IDE. Test suites are divided by clusters but some of them span more than one cluster. If you think a test case is somehow broken or even execution of tests is corrupted, please file a bug.



Cluster cnd
Description CND cluster
Test Case
  • create "Samples|C/C++/Welcome" project
  • find main class in "Window|Classes View"
  • call "Clean and Build" on project node
  • if compiler is not set, close 'Resolve Missing...' dialog
  • otherwise wait for clean and build finished
Location cnd.kit/test/qa-functional/src/org/netbeans/test/cnd/CNDValidation.java
How to run $ ant -f cnd.kit/build.xml -Dtest.config=uicommit -Dcontinue.after.failing.tests=true test test-generate-html


Cluster ide (java, nb, platform)
Description Standard NetBeans IDE including ide, java, nb and platform clusters.
Test Case Detailed steps in javadoc for every method
  • testMainMenu
  • testHelp
  • testOptions
  • testNewProject
  • testShortcuts
  • testNewFile
  • testProjectsView
  • testFilesView
  • testEditor
  • testBuildAndRun
  • testDebugging
  • testXML
  • testDb
  • testWindowSystem
Location java.kit/test/qa-functional/src/org/netbeans/test/ide/IDEValidation.java
How to run ant -f java.kit/build.xml -Dtest.config=uicommit -Dcontinue.after.failing.tests=true test test-generate-html


Cluster enterprise
Description Java EE cluster
Test Case
  • create new Web Application project
  • wait until project is visible in Projects view
  • wait classpath scanning finished
  • set option to not open browser at run
  • insert erroneous statement into index.jsp, compile it and verify it failed
  • correct error in index.jsp, compile it and verify it succeeded
  • run project from context menu on project's root node
  • wait until JSP Page is accessible through HTTP connection
  • stop application server
Location j2ee.kit/test/qa-functional/src/org/netbeans/test/j2ee/J2EEValidation.java
How to run ant -f j2ee.kit/build.xml -Dtest.config=uicommit -Dcontinue.after.failing.tests=true -Dtest-qa-functional-sys-prop.glassfish.home=<glassfish_home> test test-generate-html


Cluster mobility
Description Mobility cluster
Test Case
  • add Java ME MIDP Platform Emulator
  • create new "Java ME|Mobile Application"
  • create new midlet
  • create new midp canvas
Location mobility.project/test/qa-functional/src/org/netbeans/test/mobility/ValidationTest.java
How to run ant -f mobility.project/build.xml -Dtest.config=uicommit -Dcontinue.after.failing.tests=true -Dtest-qa-functional-sys-prop.mesdk.home=<mesdk_home> test test-generate-html


Cluster profiler
Description Profiler cluster
Test Case
  • run profiler calibration Profile|Advanced Commands|Run Profiler Calibration
  • wait for calibration results and confirm information dialog
  • check profiler options available
  • check profiler menu items enabled
  • create sample project to be tested
  • call Profile|Profile Main Project
  • confirm changes in project when profiled for the first time
  • click Run in Profile AnagramGame dialog
  • wait for Profiler view
  • wait until text "Established local connection with the tool" appears in output window
  • wait until "Profile|Take Snapshot of Collected Results" is enabled
  • call "Profile|Take Snapshot of Collected Results"
  • maximize results view
  • save collected results
  • call "Profile|Stop Profiling Session"
Location profiler/test/qa-functional/src/org/netbeans/test/profiler/ProfilerValidationTest.java
How to run ant -f profiler/build.xml -Dtest.config=uicommit -Dcontinue.after.failing.tests=true test test-generate-html


Cluster php
Description PHP cluster
Test Case
  • create new PHP project
  • create new PHP file
  • create new PHP class
  • in every file type try code completion, bracket completion and code generation
  • create new PHP project with existing sources
Location php.editor/test/qa-functional/src/org/netbeans/test/php/Commit.java
How to run ant -f php.editor/build.xml -Dtest.config=uicommit -Dcontinue.after.failing.tests=true test test-generate-html
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