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Introduction to this page

The purpose of this page is to collect ideas (wishes) from doc writers for a future project that should be a NB module which would help, simplify and make process of writing tutorials easier and faster.


Current Projects

Project Name: Writers NB module - pallete and code templates
Description: This module will provide a pallete that will be avaible if you are editing html file.

                There will be elements in the pallet representing often phrases and you can drag and drop them to your html file.

Dowload link: download page

Phrase # Phrase body Tooltip description Suggested name in pallete Icon in the pallete Abbreviation in templates Owner Status pallete/template
1 Choose Tools > Options Choose Tools > Options - - cto Patrick done/done
2 Choose File > New Project Choose File > New Project - - cfnp - Patrick done/done
3 Right-click the project's node and choose Right-click the project's node and choose - - rcpnc Patrick done/done
4 required software table from http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStandardElements#section-TutorialStandardElements-RequiredSoftware (if possible this should be treated as a code template with variables) Required software table - - rs Patrick done/done
5 header from http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStandardElements#section-TutorialStandardElements-Headers (code template with variables) standard header - - h Patrick done/done
6 http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStandardElements#section-TutorialStandardElements-TableOfContentsWithVersionStamp (code template with variables) Table of Contents - - toc Patrick done/done
7 http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStandardElements#section-TutorialStandardElements-FeedbackLink (code template with variables) Feedback link - - feedback Patrick done/done
8 http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStylePalette - Image Image wizard - - img Patrick done/done
9 http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStylePalette - CodeExample Code example - - example Patrick done/done
10 http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStylePalette - Notes/Tips/Warnings Notes/ Warings/ Tips - - n/t/w Patrick done/done
11 http://wiki.netbeans.org/TutorialStylePalette - Link to new version of the tutorial Link to a new version of the tutorial - - notes Patrick done/done

Issue Tracker

Here you can post any issuess which you encounter when you use modules.
If the description would be to long to fit on the wiki, please place it in the text file and attached it.
I will be checking the page often. So please let me know what troubles you have with the modules I will be happy to fix it.

Issue # Module Name (pallete or template ) Description Suggested solution Owner Status pallete /template
1 pallete when cancel button is pressed the code is still generated cancel should work as cancel Ondrej fixed
2 pallete  ? appears instead of icons - Ondrej fixed
3 pallete input for adding additional keywords for Header wizard - Ondrej to be discussed
4 pallete egregious <tr> tag in toc, after <img> tag for badge Ondrej

Here you can post ideas

Example of prefered format in which to post ideas:

  • Name: Ondrej
  • Short name of the feature: Automatic tutorial writing
  • Brief scenario description: I would click on the icon and go for few beers and the tutorial will be ready:)


  • Simplify the entry of standard formatting elements (e.g. make it possible to drag big chunks of text from the Palette into an HTML doc)
  • Add code templates for common phrases. For example, instead of typing "Choose Tools > Options", you could type "cto" and then press Tab.
  • Simplify linking to images in a tutorial

Suggested Components

  • Drag and drop image linking (from within cvs image repo to the turtorial)
  • Drag and drop file linking (to sample code, project zips, etc)
  • feedback link (automatically named link with tutoral H1 name)
  • link to relnotes and install guide


  • Name: troy
  • Short name of the feature: Automatic encoding within
*'''Brief scenario description:''' Place cursor within <pre> tags, click encoding icon, go for a few beers and the commonly used html characters (e.g.: '"', '<', '>') will be encoded:) *'''Name:''' Ruth *'''Short name of the feature:''' Path completion *'''Brief scenario description:''' Like code completion, but relative to a root directory that I define (e.g. /home/rk/CVS/textwww/www/). I type <img src="i|"> or <a href="k|"> and hit tab and the editor completes the appropriate relative path, such as "../../images" or "../kb". *'''Name:''' Ruth *'''Short name of the feature:''' Path Hyperlinks *'''Brief scenario description:''' Hyperlink navigation in html files (relative to a root directory that I define, as above): Ctrl+click on a relative file path opens the file in the IDE. *'''Name:''' James *'''Short name of the feature:''' Quick Link Check *'''Brief scenario description:''' Broken links would be identified immediately in the Editor (By squiggly lines). *'''Name:''' Lloyd *'''Short name of the feature:''' CSS Styles completion *'''Brief scenario description:''' Any CSS stylesheets that are referenced in a <link ...> (e.g. the site-wide 'netbeans.css' file) tag could be parsed and then if the user types id= or class= then any relevant styles to that html element could be offered in code completion.
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