Netbeans Module System

Question: How can I translate and maintains my NetBeans module translation?

Answer: Follow the Translate your Netbeans module instructions.

Module Names

Question: Should NetBeans module names be translated?

Answer: No, leave them in English




Question: In docs it says that we should not modify build.xml, But I feel that I have to change nbbuild/build.xml and translatedfile/build.xml files and added 2 targets in nbbuild/build.xml for MYLOCALE localized build and in translatedfiles/build.xml target to copy from src-MYLOCALE to src. Is it ok if I commit these ones in the feature? I might need to do more changes in build scripts in the feature, and I wonder what was that restriction about?

Answer: Don't update the build.xml files. Regarding the translatedfiles/build.xml, This file is used by all languages. There is no need to add any copy-MYLOCALE targets. We need to modify the "copy" target to include the locale. Regarding the nbbuild/build.xml - here is no need for any modification. The ML builds are controlled via properties:

  • <property name="locjar.locales" value="mylocale"/>
  • <property name="locmakenbm.locales" value="mylocale"/>
  • <property name="locjhindexer.locales" value="mylocale"/>
  • <property name="" value="mylocale"/>


Question: I found this line in my file. What does it mean?

Answer: Lines marked with #NOI18N or other applicable comments on line before a given message/label or group of them denotes what items not to translate for cases where it is not completely obvious that something should not be translated. If it is not clear for some given message or label, you can look at existing completed translated files of ja and zh_CN, for example, to see if some item is to be translated or not.

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