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My name is Tom Wheeler. I am a Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), currently doing consulting work at Boeing. I live in the St. Louis, Missouri, USA area. In addition to software development, I am also an author and instructor, and I frequently present at technical conferences.

I have been a fan of open source software since I started running Linux in 1995. I used NetBeans for the first time just after it became open source in 2000, but did not become active in the community until I began developing with the NetBeans Platform a few years ago. Since then I have tried to help create examples, answer questions and write FAQ entries so that it will be easier for others to learn about the NetBeans platform. I am a member of the NetBeans Dream Team. I've served three terms on the NetBeans governance board and am now serving a fourth term.

Here is my NetBeans TODO list. I plan to work on as many of these as my spare time allows (note that I have not filed RFEs for many of them, pending some investigation into whether issues already exist or someone else is already working on them):

  • IZ 199349 Support disabling quick search in property sheet (patch supplied)
  • IZ 199318 Support loading a module from a directory, not just a JAR file (tentative patch supplied)
  • IZ 197065 No way to specify command-line arguments in a functional test (patch supplied)
  • IZ 197066 Functional tests ignore application branding (patch supplied in #197065 offers workaround)
  • IZ 120544 Center image in Help -> About dialog (patch supplied)
  • IZ 151057 Hide Obsolete Property Editor APIs
  • IZ 170501 PropertyChangeSupport generated by 'Add Property' should be transient/final (patch supplied).
  • IZ 151062 Support Undo/Redo Across TopComponents (this is actually just a documentation effort)
  • Create template for adding a new functional test
  • Create template for adding a new NbTestCase
  • Create template for adding a node with child factory and property sheet
  • Create template for adding a FilterNode
  • Create template for adding a JPanel with an Explorer Manager
  • Create template for adding a non-singleton TopComponent
  • Add a code template for generating a SwingWorker
  • Add code template for a few common uses of Dialogs API
  • Add code template for a Read/Write Node.Property
  • Add code template for a few common uses of Lookups API
  • Write article for DZone explaining the process for how I added some new IDE feature + benefits of doing so
  • Create module to package a platform project for distribution to others (rm dist/, rm build/, rm nbproject/private/, export result as a zip file) - NOTE: Jesse suggested maybe just improving what's already in contrib/projectpackager (rewrite UI, handle nested projects, uses directly instead of Ant's zip task)
  • Create module to increase/decrease font size (of editor) with a single keystroke, for presentations with a live demo component (maybe this will also resolve IZ 112787)
  • Create module to delete userdir when it's locked (e.g. when a platform app launched from the IDE crashes) - NOTE: Jesse says this is already implemented
  • Create module to cycle through slashes/dashes/periods in active selection, for easier editing of layer files. (Sandip Chitale has an unmaintained linetools module for this)
  • Make the "New Library Module" wizard guess the code name base by examining the JAR file(s) being added (Jesse said it should do so already, though maybe the algorithm needs work).
  • Patch equals/hashcode generator UI keep checkboxes in sync; using a different set of fields for equals() than for hashCode() is probably a mistake and it shouldn't encourage you to do that as it does now
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