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Running NetBeans on XGL

by Mohammad Nabil Hussein
Date: March 2, 2007.

You might have experienced problems running NetBeans on XGL, like having NetBeans like an empty window. To solve, that you can specify MToolKit as the AWT toolkit you want to use. You can do this by defining an environment variable called AWT_TOOLKIT to equal MToolKit. This can be accomplished by adding the line: AWT_TOOLKIT="MToolKit" to /etc/environment.

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Or you can get the latest JDK 6 update 1. It was a bug on JDK 6, and it was fixed

Creating a Remote Mercurial Repository

by Frederic Jean

NetBeans 6.0 adds support for the Mercurial distributed source code management system. You can create a project and initialize it's Mercurial repository easily through the IDE. This will create a local repository which is going to be very useful in itself.

But what happens if you want to share the code with other people or simply want to have a remote backup for your code?

It turns out that you can clone a repository to a remote system just as easily that you can clone a repository from a remote system. The syntax is simply:

<verbatim> hg clone local-repo remote-repo </verbatim>

This even works over ssh:

<verbatim> hg clone /work/myrepo ssh:// </verbatim>

Based on Creating a Remote Mercurial Repository posted on Frederic Jean's Blog.

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