1) Rename the template and provide better description, that stress out that the project is completly driven by custom Ant script and it's on users responsibility to maintain the script so the user needs to be Ant tool capable.

Renaming should be probably to something like "Freeform Java Project" so that the new user won't grasp from the first glance what the project is really for and needs to look for description. Freeform Java Project is now widely used term in IZ and documentation, so we could use it.

2) First panel of wizard will provide kind of description/warning to explain that all building and running is done throught user provided Ant script and project properties won't set anything in the build script and user does all modifications of build process by himself manually. So he needs to know Ant tool. Part of this message will be also pointer to "Java Project with Existing Sources" project template that will allow to create a project even if there is build.xml file in the project folder.

3) Each panel of the wizard should contain better description of the particular setting with explanation that the setting is used only by IDE and further modification doesn't modify Ant script, neither build process.

All those messages should be stressed somehow, probably by different background and some kind of info/warning icon. Location of those messages will be consistent across all panels somewhere in lower part of the panel.

4) Setting of the project output will be part of the new wizard.

5) Show some warning badge over the project node when some project setting is not set, eg. classpath, output, etc. (Maybe)

6) Each panel in project properties will contain a message explaining what is the particular setting for and that setting it won't change anything in the script. Neither in the build process. That user needs to change it in the build script manually.

Freeform Project UI Refresh Specification

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