NetBeans Test Specifications

Test specifications are documents containing description of test scenarios. These scenarios help QE with execution of manual tests.

List Of Test Specifications

STARTOF work in progress

see for platform history track start categorizing of some TS Category:TestSpecification:Core Category:TestSpecification:Obsolete ENDOF

New Test Specifications

New version of Test Specification is written in JSPWiki using it's syntax with few enhancements. Look at Text Formatting Rules. Pay special attention to Numbered list part - you must add one or more spaces on the new line if you want to continue with numbered list.

How-to create a new Test Specification

Easiest way to create such a new shiny Test Specification is:

  1. Create a new wiki page and name it properly (name of test specification: "TS_nbversion_testspecname" - e.g. TS_60_ActionsWizard)
  2. Copy & paste content of Test Specification Template into your newly created page
  3. Edit your page

How-to create Test Specification using existing XML file(s)

If your Test Specification is now stored in XML file(s) and you use Test Specification Editor or bash script to create HTML version of Test Specification, then please follow this how-to:

Hint: Test Specification Editor now contains predefined XSL file to transform XML Test Specification to JSPWiki format too.


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