An overview of a known set of the necessary general requirements needed for a task focused support in the NetBeans IDE.



Provide a dedicated tasks view and rich task editors.

Tasks Management

  • user interface - provide user interface to present an organized list of tasks
  • basic tasks management - create, edit, activate/deactivate, remove and add tasks from different sources (bugzilla, jira, local tasks, github pull request, ...)
  • advanced tasks management - filter and sort tasks, add private note to a task.
  • organize tasks - tasks are either listed in a query or can be additionally organized into user specified categories. User can also set schedule date, due date and estimate time to complete a given task and it is possible to organize tasks using these dates
  • repositories management - add, remove, edit, search in supported repositories
  • queries - user can create and manage queries over given repositories


  • notifications - inform user about changed tasks (remotely), new tasks, upcoming schedule dates of tasks


  • synchronization - tasks added into the TaskList from remote sources(repositories) are synchronized automatically/manually
  • synchronization settings - enable to set synchronization preferences for given element (repository, query)

Task Context

General Context Management

  • associate a task with a task context holding task relevant information
  • automatically gather task relevant information
  • provide a user interface to:
    • inspect, access and manually manage context elements if necessary
    • manage task context specific setting
  • keep contexts persistent between IDE sessions
  • support sharing between users as much as possible

Task Context focused UI

Reflect the activated tasks context in the IDE UI and aid the user in:

  • saving effort necessary to restore a task specific IDE state - e.g. open files and projects, disable enable breakpoints, restore a VCS Status View scope, ...
  • pointing out (on various level of detail) what has been touched while working on a task - e.g. highlight relevant files in a search result

see also Task Context and NetBeans for more information

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