Task Dashboard open questions

  • Value in giving the user a timeline, report, or other view of their tasks?
  • Hudson results as issues? Look at how we can integrate Hudson into this.
  • Team window vs. Task Dashboard
    • What relationship between Team window and Task Dashboard will we establish? Team window shows project related details for user's online projects (e.g. on java.net) including some queries into bugtracking repositories. The users are expected to use Team window for high-level manipulation with the projects. We may want to carry the users over from Team window to Task Dashboard for their work on their bugs/tasks. How?

Reusing Mylyn frameworks in NetBeans

for a general overview of mylyns architecture see here

Context Framework

  • reuse mylyn context and activity monitoring model to manage Task Contexts in NetBeans. Deeper evaluation is necessary!
  • mylyn contexts are managed by mylyn.context.core, context relevant activity is based on mylyn.monitor.core. The binaries by itself do not come with any problematic dependencies (Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.core.runtime, org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.core), but there might apear some technical difficulties as e.g.:
    • ContextManger makes use of AbstractContextStructureBridge which maps a specific domain (e.g. Java) with the interaction context model elements. Our own implementations had to then available via Platform.getExtensionRegistry().getExtensionPoint("org.eclipse.mylyn.context.core.bridges") - should be possible by creating an osgi bundle declaring the necessary extension point.
  • reusing would also imply to embrace mylyn-s understanding of a context, its complexity and need for relevant data. The context model is elaborated and user activity is monitored on a quite low granularity (e.g. navigating from a method call to its declaration). So what data do we have to provide to "feed" a context so that we also will be able to take advantage of it?
  • see also

Versioning Framework

  • mylyn.versioning.core - integration with VCS
  • seems to be tightly bound to Eclipses versionig, filesystems etc. Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.core.runtime, org.eclipse.core.filesystem, org.eclipse.core.resources, org.eclipse.team.core. We will have to rely on our buildin VCS infrastructure
  • see also

Tasks Framework

  • mylyn.tasks.core
  • while partially already used by our bugtracking support we could take advantage of other task functionality
    • offline mode and synchronization
    • local tasks
    • ...
  • see also
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