Dashboard Requirements for the Bugtracking API


List of requirements, things that the Bugtracking API should support.


  • create new repository
  • return list of all repositories in the IDE (from services)
  • return list of queries for a given repository
  • refresh a repository - all its queries (do we want to refresh also task in categories)
  • remove the repository from the IDE
  • create (report) a new issue for the repository
  • add listener to add/remove the repository - the Dashboard needs to know someone add/remove a repository using current bug-tracking support
  • open/close a repository - e.g. closed repository in Dashboard is not to be refreshed/synchronized
  • provide edit repository action
  • provide search in repository action (it is the same as provide create query action)
  • return the name of the repository


  • provide create query action
  • provide edit query action
  • return list of all tasks which match the query parameters
  • delete a saved query
  • refresh a query (all its tasks)
  • open a query - detailed list of tasks in the editor area
  • add listener to add/remove the query - the Dashboard needs to know someone add/remove a query using current bug-tracking support
  • add listener to refresh of the query is finished - to apply changes in the Dashboard
  • provide the query settings
    • synchronization
    • Anything else?
  • the Query object should have following getters:
    • getName
    • getTotalCount and getChangedCount - maybe not necessary, the Dashboard hase to recalculate these number after applying filters so...
  • provide a flag that the query needs to be loaded (query has not been loaded yet)
  • open query with specific filter - show all/show new or changed (like in team)


  • return a list of issues for given IDs and repository
  • return the task for a given repository and ID
  • refresh a task
  • open a task - detailed info about a task in the editor area
  • store tasks (its private attributes - schedule, notes, category) - needed in case of setting any private attribute directly in the Dashboard (e.g. set schedule for tomorrow)
  • add task changed listener - to apply changes in the Dashboard
  • add activate/deactivate task listener - a task could be activated/deactivated from the task mask, the Dashboard needs to know about it
  • the Task object should have following getters:
    • getStatus (new, modified, maybe others)
    • isFinished (determine if a task is opened according to the repository settings)
    • getId
    • getSummary
    • getTooltipText
    • getPriority
    • getType - a type of the task e.g. defect, enhancement
    • getScheduleDate
    • getDueDate
  • the Task object should have following setters:
    • setActive
  • provide a schedule action - Do we want to set schedule within the Dashboard (popup menu with few choices e.g. today, tomorrow like in Mylyn or do we want to link it to the schedule settings in the task mask?)
  • return a list of the task specific actions to be a part of the task popup menu
  • TODO: subtasks, sorting tasks

TODO: is notification mechanism going to be a part of the Bugtracking API

IDE Requirements for the Dashboard API


List of requirements, things that the Dashboard API should support.

  • return list of all categories in the Dashboard - needed in the task mask to prepare the 'set category' combo box
  • return category for a given task - also for the 'set category' combo box to set right default category
  • set the category of the task
  • show in Dashboard - similar to the 'Show in Projects' action in a java file editor
  • add listener to add/remove/rename a category
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