Is there a way, for the NB versions where this change will be applied, to revert back to the old modal window through a settings switch (hidden or not)?

See, I came to NB from Eclipse (and now I'm a VERY happy NB camper), but one of the things that annoyed me in NB prior to versions 7.1 or 7.2 was that the Inspect Members (or whatever the name was) didn't focus on the dialog window.

With that fixed, it was heaven. That is, using Ctrl+O (using the Eclipse key mappings) I can very quickly locate a class member. The same with Ctrl+T for searching through the inheritance.

As for the 'losing focus', the keyboard focus is lost, because it goes to the Members panel.

Wouldn't it be better to, say, "keep it honest" and display the modal dialog, which can be vanished with the Esc key?

If users still want to use the Members panel, it's just one click away. I'm not saying not to enhance the Members panel; only to keep the dialog window just the same.

Thank you very much. NB is an amazing product, and I can't see why many devs still prefer Eclipse.

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