Hello all,

What about Struts 2 in Netbeans 6.9?

Bring back SOA, UML, Web designer apps

Having to use NB 6.5 and Glassfish v2 to do BPEL work is kinda irksome. (NB 6.8 no longer supports SOA, UML, web designer, it seems).

I am having to relearn Eclipse as a result.

Please put back what you took away..

Yes. Bring back UML

For me, uml and openglpack are important additions, which I used in everyday work. This is very bad if the new version of the program is retrogressive important functions. This is not serious. Begun projects can not be continued in a later version of the environment. The problem is greater if the projects have already been converted to the new version of the IDE. I already downloaded the eclipse and began to teach him, because such surprises do not bode well for the future. Setback last touches many open source projects such as KDE 4 It is bad practice. Great request - just give back to these additives, it is very important.

Greetings to all the NetBeans community.


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