Netbeans used to have terrific UML support - which has now been completely removed prior to 18 April 2011.

I had just installed 6.9.1 then gone looking for the UML plugin. Not available. Replaced with some commercial "community" edition with heavily reduced functionality. The previously quite useful UML functionality had been removed "by the vote of the community". It is unknown whether the voting group had any connections with the commercial entity and whether this influenced the decision to remove the plugin. Any and all voters should declare their affiliations with the commercial company that is now being recommended.

Now uninstalled.

I believe a wholesale re-write of a large codebase is typically not a resounding success, UNLESS you retain the existing codebase while the rewrite is occurring.

To remove UML completely - with a non-roundtrip solution from a commercial company - has confused the community. Please see here:

I'd love to know who "voted to rewrite" (which was apparently a community vote). I'm guessing only the UML developers voted - not the actual community who use the tools. Please don't ignore this important question - answer it.

Who voted to remove UML support?

There is, of course - no detail on when "the rewrite" will be completed, prompting another question:

When will the UML support be rewritten?

PS - If you want true easy Wiki style interaction with the community - don't require a login (ref Wikipedia). The entire point of a Wiki is trivially easy modification.

Not one of the people complaining on the above forums had complained on this Wiki - probably because they couldn't just click "edit".


My name is Javier A. Ortiz, lead of the Community Effort. I'll try to answer your questions:

Who voted to remove UML support?

The answer is simple, we did. Based on feedback from past developers of the module, comments in the code and the code itself it would be basically the same effort both fixing it than recreating it. The code is simply a mess. The plugin started as a C++ plugin that was literally translated into Java.

Also the code is really outdated. From 6.7 to the current 7.0 the changes are too many to update a code in such state. SO we, as a team decided on which way to go.

When will the UML support be rewritten?

When we release it. I know it sounds harsh but it is what it is. Everybody on the team does this on their spare time so placing deadlines is unrealistic. The community can join to help if they want.

We are doing our best to work on this but with limited resources and time is a heavy task, even if we decided to stick with the old code.

We have done more progress rewriting it compared to the fix attempts of the old code.

Project State

Q: Are there any information about the current state (phase) of the project?

^^^ Can someone please answer?

I understand the reasoning for starting from scratch, and I do not want to seem argumentative, but I just can't understand why existing code (however messy it may be, it was usable) needed to be removed from current releases to facilitate rewriting.

If the individuals who are rewriting the code for UML support are contributing to this project in their free time it is understandable that there would be a substantial delay, but wouldn't it be more practical to bridge that gap with the old iteration of the UML plug-in?

No matter how much I hate my job, I wouldn't quit without a new job with which to replace it.

^^^ please, subscribe me

I wish to subscribe me, receive plugin progress updates.

A: Coding is under way. Already saw the initial screens to add classes and relations. Still lot of work to be done.

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