Referring to the first section about declarative creation of context-sensitive actions, the sentence "The good news is that the code is lightweight, simple and works; the bad news is that it is utterly non-obvious how it ever gets called, and doesn't handle more complicated enablement logic." is totally unhelpful.

The question is, "How does it work?" quickly followed by "Exactly what are the 'type's allowed?" -- is the ContextManager looking for a <? extends Node> instance? an underlying databean class? a cookie? what?


This page, from a new developer perspective, does little to explain how to develop contextual actions or provide assistance with getting started in that regard. I would propose the following be included in the documentation or be provided as links to this document.

Suggestions for the page:

  • Provide a link to the tutorial for creating a basic Action
  • Describe, in what scenarios, what context sensitivity is available from the Action wizard
  • Describe (or link to) a scenario that utilizes the NodeAction
  • Describe (or link to) a scenario that utilizes the "Roll your own"


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