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Tips & Tricks | Troubleshooting NetBeans Startup (Part 2)

Doc Contributor; Varun Nischal

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After presenting to you, a cool tip on Troubleshooting the NB Startup, now I would like to present to you, another cool tip, thats based on NB Startup, again!


As you can see in the above figure, here we have the Netbeans UserDirectory (.netbeans) on Windows. A few months back, I had to upgrade my system, the main focus being, the upgrading of the Hard Disk.

Problem Description

I had all my important data on the old Hard Disk, so I got that data copied into the new Hard Disk, including the all-important .netbeans directory. Why I am saying it's important is because at that time I had installed the ClearCase and Developer Collaboration modules, and I didn't want to lose them...


Why should I download and install it, again & again? I am glad that this time I had the solution...Watch the above figure, it is booted using the settings in the above mentioned .netbeans/6.1beta directory. It looks like you are booting a newly installed NetBeans IDE.


Here you can see Mercurial under Versioning menu. Surprised? Well, you should be, because it is bundled with NetBeans 6.1 Beta IDE.


Firstly, install NetBeans IDE, go to the .netbeans directory, and you will see the directory 6.1beta. Just cut and paste it onto the Desktop or somewhere else. Now, locate the .netbeans/6.1beta directory which has the settings for the previous installation of the same NetBeans IDE.


Now, copy that and paste it, under the current .netbeans directory (see above figure), and launch the NetBeans IDE, you would now see the same NetBeans, which you had in your other Hard Disk...


In the figure below, you may see the ClearCase and Developer Collaboration modules, I was talking about.


Try it out... it could really help you a lot... Any suggestions/comments?


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