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Repairing NetBeans Support for Java Code after a JDK Reinstallation

Contributed by; George Birbilis

Adapted from the Blog Entry- http://birbilis.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!2335BBEF59B92C54!543.entry


If you accidentally uninstall the JDK that you told NetBeans (during its installation) to use and then start NetBeans you'll find out that even if you reinstall that JDK at the same folder location NetBeans still doesn't work OK with Java code (can't load Java projects saying there's a missing plugin). The trick to fix this is to go to Tools/Plugins menu and at the "Installed Plugins" page activate all plugin categories that had been deactivated by NetBeans when you had started it and it didn't find the JDK.

Tips to Remember

This took me a while to figure out, it would be better if NetBeans was saying "missing or disabled" plugin at the project open dialog instead of just saying "missing" plugin since this makes you search for uninstalled/new plugins you might be missing and thus misleads you in debugging the issue.

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