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Project Groups and Faster NetBeans

Contributed By; Varun Nischal

Hello world, looking at strange tips and tricks title. Well, its useful too. I tried it recently and it can help overcome difficulties faced in the past. Remember those times, when you are working on many projects using NetBeans IDE and all are opened, while only one of them is in use at any instant, where you might compile, debug, build or even do some testing.

However, when you closed the NetBeans IDE and reopened it few moments later or some other day. You will find that there's a "progress bar" that keeps on running and doesn't let you use the NetBeans unless its done scanning all the projects opened previously.

Here's the Trick

Recently, I decided to make use of "Project Groups" and seriously it does help a lot. Want to know, how? Well, assuming you have opened 5 projects, where 2 are Web Applications and 3 are NetBeans Standalone-Module Projects. Also, the latter 3 projects doesn't depend on first 2 projects.

Lets group the module projects under the name of "NBM Group" and grouping the web projects under the name of "Web Group". Obviously, this will be done one-by-one. So, lets do it first for modules projects.

Steps to follow;

  • Close only the web projects.
  • Now, click on "File > Project Group > New Group...".
  • You are prompted by window having a form, where you are required to enter "Group Name".
  • Name the group as "NBM Group", and leave the rest of the form as it is.
  • This means "Free Project" is selected and two checkboxes are already checked.
  • Leave the "Use Currently Open Projects" as checked and uncheck the "Automatically Save Project List" (optional).
  • Click on "Create Group".
  • Now, click on "File > Project Group". You will see the submenu contains newly created project group with its name selected by default.
  • Click "(none)" to close any project group. In our case, to close "NBM Group".
  • Now, open the web projects you had closed earlier and group them similarly.

Tips to Remember..

Remember, when you decide to close NetBeans IDE, remember to do this step; "File > Project Group > (none)" and exit. Now, when you open the IDE again, you would feel the difference. NetBeans will launch faster and it will not load any projects, because previously you had closed all the project groups before exiting.

Now, click on "File > Project Group" and see that submenu has 2 groups you had created along with an group named as "(none)". Open your project group and start working.

Hope this helps.

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