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Profiling Maven 2 Applications in NetBeans 6

Contributed by: Andrew Harmel-Law

Reposted from this blog entry: http://the-music-of-time.blogspot.com/2008/01/profiling-maven-2-apps-in-netbeans-6.html

Tips and Tricks

I thought this might be more complicated. It wasn't. To use the Netbeans profiler with your Maven 2 project you simply need to add a single pair of parameters when running your java app. Call up the project's Maven Properties dialogue (right click the maven project > Project Properties), select the "Run" tab and add something like the following to the jvm args:

    -agentpath:"C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.0\profiler2\lib\deployed\jdk15
\windows\profilerinterface.dll=\"C:<br>\"Program Files\"<br>\"NetBeans 

This meant that now when I ran my app (F6) execution would wait for me to attach the profiler. Cue real-time graphy goodness. Sweet.

Also, it's useful to save that as a custom config in the properties then you can easily switch between profiled and default Run args.

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