TaT OpenProjInDiffWay

Open Projects in a Different Way

Contributed By; Varun Nischal

Opening Projects..

Now, there are two ways of opening projects (created/maintained locally), that I have seen.
General way
Browsing from Inside
  • Firstly, you know that one has to go to “File > Open Project..” OR, use a shortcut key- “Ctrl+Shift+O”
  • Then, you browse to the location of the project and then you “Open” it in the IDE.
New way
Without Internal Browsing
  • Now, what you can do? Whether NetBeans IDE is running or not, it doesn’t matter, just use your system file browser which is faster than the IDE, and locate your project root.
  • Drag-n-Drop the folder over NetBeans Desktop Icon, if its not running, OR Drag-n-Drop it over NetBeans running instance. It will take some time, and project would be opened, that too as Main Project, by default.

Adapted from this entry- http://nbguru.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/tat-open-projects-wo-browsing-10/

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