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NetBeans on USB Stick

Contributed By; Anton Epple

Tips & Tricks

Here’s a quick tip from our XING group. If you want to have a protable version of NetBeans to run it from a USB stick, download the “OS-independent.zip” distribution. Unpack it on your usb stick and open /etc/netbeans.conf in a text editor.

Change this;

# ${HOME} will be replaced by JVM user.home system property


To something like:


Assuming X is your USB sticks drive name. You’ll also need to set the path to the JDK here:

# Default location of JDK, can be overridden by using –jdkhome <dir>:



Thanks to Jens Brunken for this tip.

Adapted from http://eppleton.sharedhost.de/blog/?p=363

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