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Create your own Platform Versions

Contributed By; Anton Epple

Brief Overview

When you’re starting a “New Platform Appication” the IDE you’re working with will be used as the default platform. But other team members might have a different version of NetBeans running, so they are also developing against a different platform. This can lead to strange problems.

Tips to Remember

To fix this you can build your own version of the platform. The download page of NetBeans IDE also has a link to the zip distributions. Go there and download the netbeans-xxxx-platform-src.zip of the version you would like to use. Unzip it and open the nbbuild project inside NetBeans.

Platform and JDK

The platform will only build with JDK 1.5 and the build will use the JDK platform from your running NetBeans by default. If this is 1.6 in your case, then switch to the files tab, select "NetBeans Build System" and then "New > Other... > Properties file", name it "user.build" and add "nbjdk.home=<JDK 5 home>" (replacing <JDK 5 home> with the actual location on disk).

Some Tricks

The project contains a build.xml. You can expand this in the project view. Find the build-platform target and run it. Now the platform should be built. If you like you can also add some debugging to the sources. Now go to Tools > NetBeans Platform and click Add Platform. In your nbbuild dir select the netbeans folder.

That’s it, now you need to find a way to share this platform with your team members. The easiest way is to check it into your source repository, but it’s up to you. Having your own platform will make life much easier and it also allows you to work together with team members who use no or other IDEs to develop NB modules .

Adapted from http://eppleton.sharedhost.de/blog/?p=352

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