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Contributed By; Tushar Joshi

When we set out to search for the tips regarding how to change the default font and default look and feel for NetBeans IDE we get related information in seconds through any decent search engine.

Even then I am adding the same information again here with some fresh screen-shots with the intension that after this the user can find the information even sooner than I got it.

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The default font size used by NetBeans IDE 6.1 is small and decent.

File:01. normal-font.png

Changing the font size

Some users may have different needs and want the font size to be bigger. NetBeans IDE has the facility to change the default font size through the configurations settings just like Look and feel setting.

In the netbeans.conf configuration file for NetBeans IDE which can be found in

 C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.1\etc\netbeans.conf

for the default Windows XP NetBeans IDE installation we can add the fontsize option to the netbeans_default_options string value

 --fontsize 18

so make the configuration look like

netbeans_default_options="<old-options> --fontsize 18"

where <old-options> are the values already there which we will keep as they are and will add the new settings --fontsize.

This setting will make the default font size bigger and will look like

File:02. large-font.png

The menus will look like

File:03. large-menu.png


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