TaT AddRemoveSortKeyFromWoodStockTableDataProvider

Add/Remove Sort Key from Woodstock TableDataProvider

Contributed By; Varun Nischal

Have you used PluginPortal, you might not have realised but its a JSF Web application. I am using the portal for the past 6 months, and never thought of this.

PluginPortal Users

Firstly, I will ask you something, if you have submitted any plugins, you would see your My Plugins section, once you logged in.

Table is shown, and recently I saw it has a sortable header, when I click it either it arranges plugin’s info in descending/ascending order.

How do we get that?

Now, how do we get this feature in your web application. If you have any Tabular component in your application, then select any column and goto Properties Window (Ctrl+Shift+7), there would see a property sort under section Data. File:vwjsf-sortkey-under-data_TaT_AddRemoveSortKeyFromWoodStockTableDataProvider.jpg When you enter a uniqueID (Sort Key), File:vwjsf-sortkey-help_TaT_AddRemoveSortKeyFromWoodStockTableDataProvider.jpg the changes that took place in JSP is the following attribute gets added-


File:vwjsf-sortkey-inside-jsp_TaT_AddRemoveSortKeyFromWoodStockTableDataProvider.jpg OR, you could have added this attribute yourself in JSP, and when you switch to Design View, and changes are reflected with the sort header icon present in the respective column. File:vwjsf-sortkey_TaT_AddRemoveSortKeyFromWoodStockTableDataProvider.jpg



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