TS 72 JavaEESamples

Java EE Samples Test Specification

Author: Jiri Skrivanek
Version: NetBeans 7.2
Last update: 7-th June 2012
Introduction: This document contains procedures for testing Java EE sample projects in NetBeans.


Test suite: Sample Projects

Purpose: Test functionality of samples.
Setup: GlassFish server registered in IDE.

  1. Create sample project
    1. Open new project wizard
    2. Select "Samples|Java EE" category
    3. Choose project and click Next
    4. Provide additional setup if needed and click Finish
    5. Check projects are created without errors
    6. Run project (#213747)
    7. Check project is deployed, starting page opened in browser or some text result printed to output window
    8. Briefly test functionality of application in browser
    9. Clean project to undeploy it
    10. Repeat steps for all projects in category
    11. Repeat steps for "Samples|Web Services" category
    12. Repeat steps for "Samples|Maven" category
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Everything works without errors.
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