TS 71 SwingAppFramework

SwingAppFramework - support in 7.1 Test Specification

Author: Adam Senk
Version: 7.1
Last update: 015/08/2011
Introduction:It has been decided to discontinue the support for Swing Application Framework in 7.1.
Comments:This test specification cover action connected with discontinuing SAF.


Test suite: Removed swingapp module and samples

Purpose:Check if swingapp support is really disabled.
Setup: Start IDE with clear userdir.

  1. Java Desktop Application
    1. File| New project
    2. Select "Java" from "Categories"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: There is no "Java Desktop Application" in Projects. There are only :"Java Application", "Java Class Library", "Java Project with Existing Resources" and "Java Free-Form Project"
  2. Swingapp Samples
    1. In "New Project" window select "Samples"|"Java"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: There are no "Document Editor" and "Mars Rover Viewer" samples. There are only: "Anagram Game", "Gui Form Examples" and "Client Editor" samples.

Test suite: LibraryDefiner for Swing Application Framework library

Setup: Download some older version of NetBeans (e.g. 7.0), install it and create some Java Desktop Application.

  1. Opening Java desktop Application
    1. File|Open Project
    2. Open Java Desktop Application created in older version of NetBeans
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Project is opened. You can see small yellow icon near Project name in project window, symbolizing broken references.
  2. Resolve problems
    1. Invoke popup menu on opened Java Desktoop Application project
    2. Click on "Resolve Reference Problems".
    3. Resolve Reference Problems window is opened. Reference problem is:"swing-app- framework must be defined." Click on "Resolve.." button.
    4. NetBeans Installer window is opened. Click on "Next>"
    5. Accept License agreements and click on Install.
    6. The swing-app-framework is downloaded and installed. Click on "Finish"
    7. In Resolve Reference Problems window you can see that problem was resolved. Close it.
    • EXPECTED RESULT:Swing-app-framework was installed correctly. You can Build and Run the project.

Test suite: Explanatory dialog

Purpose:There is explanatory dialog shown when user attempts to open form file based on Swing Application Framework
Setup: Continue with the project from previous test case.

  1. Explanatory dialog
    1. Invoke pop u menu on based on Swing Application Framework (it should be named .....View.Java) and click open
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Explanatory dialog is shown. It is an Error message that says: NetBeans support of Swing Application Framework was discontinued. Please use NetBeans 7.0 if you want to use this framework.
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