TS 71 APISupport Ant Harness

TS_71_APISupport_Ant_Harness Test Specification for NetBeans 7.1

Author: Tushar Joshi
Version: 1.0
Last update: 11/11/2011
Introduction: Test Specification to test the automatic download of the harness and platform when configured in the suite files.


Test suite: Automatic download of Harness and Platform via ant script

Purpose: NetBeans Platform suite can be built even if the harness and platform are not available. The URLs configured in the configuration of script shall take care of downloading of the desired harness and platform before building the application suite.
Setup: setup description

  1. Automatic download of Harness and Platform via ant script
    1. Go to menu File > New Project..., in Categories list select NetBeans Modules option, in the Projects list select the NetBeans Platform Application option, click Next button.
    2. On the Name and Location page, for Project Name field type MySuite, keep all the other options to their default values, click Finish button.
    3. Open the Important Files node in the Projects panel and open the NetBeans Platform Configuration node by double clicking it, which will open the file platform.properties in the editor area.
    4. Remove the last line that is
    5. Add the following lines in place of the removed line...
    6. Go to menu Run > Clean and Build Main Project
    • EXPECTED RESULT: NetBeans shall download all the required harness and platform dependencies in a folder named netbeans701 and the build shall be successful.
  2. Building NetBeans Platform application without NetBeans
    1. Copy the netbeans platform application suite named MySuite to some other location where NetBeans platform is not installed. Ensure that the folder netbeans701 is removed if it is copied.
    2. Open terminal and change current directory to the MySuite directory
    3. Issue command
      This will ensure that the platform and harness is downloaded the project s built.
    4. Issue command
      ant run
      which will run the application with the NetBeans Platform stable version 7.0.1
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The application shall download all the required harness and platform dependencies when ant command is issues and the application shall run properly when ant run command is issued

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