TS 69 PHP Zend

PHP Zend Framework Support Test Specification for NetBeans 6.9

Author: Filip Zamboj, minor updates Vladimir Riha
Version: 1.0
Last update: 21st November 2011
Introduction: PHP Zend Framework Support Test Specification
Requirements: zend installed, php installed, apache installed

Mac OS specific details: To find Options on MacOS, go to Netbeans menu -> Preferences


Testsuite: Create ZEND PHP project

Create Zend project

    1. In Projects window, choose File > New Project.
    2. In Categories list, select PHP, in the Projects area, choose PHP Application to create an empty project and click Next.
    3. Accept default values for the rest fields, press Next button.
    4. In last step check Zend PHP Web Framework
    5. Press Finish button
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Created Php project appears on Project tab with framework specific icon.

  1. Notice: Do no delete project you will need it.

Testsuite: Use ZEND commands

Use Filter on ZEND Commands

    1. invoke context menu on project node
    2. run Zend -> Run Command
    3. type to filter create contr
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Only tasks that correspond to filter are present in matching tasks window. There is task description below matching tasks window

Invoke ZEND Command

    1. check Keep this dialog opened
    2. invoke create module task with parameters 'home'
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Run Zend Command dialog will be opened. You should see similar output in output window and following folder structure of application/modules should be created according to the example below.
Creating the following module and artifacts:
Updating project profile '/var/www/PhpProject139/.zfproject.xml'

`-- application
    |-- models
        |-- home

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